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The specialist in removing injectors and glowplugs!

Vibropac B.V. is a company that specializes in the development and production of special disassembly tools for the automotive industry. The tool is especially suitable for removing glowplugs and injectors. With our experience we have a solution for every problem concerning glowplugs and injectors and can remove them for you 99.9%* of the time. We can also remove broken taps and drills. The latter is done exclusively in our workshop, however the removal of glow plugs and injectors we do either in our workshop or at your location!


Are you currently having trouble removing injectors and/or glowplugs? Then press the button below and fill in the application form! We will make an appointment with you as soon as possible!

* Read our terms and conditions for the 0.1% of the cases where things can go differently


Vibropac Service

Are you unable to remove stuck injectors or glow plugs? Our Service department solves the problem on location and ensures that you can continue quickly!


Click below to make a service request. We aim to contact you within 24 hours. On some days this may take longer than you are used to from us. We ask for your understanding.

Do you suffer from broken pins, taps, drills or other extremely hard material? Vibropac also has a solution for that: Spark erosion!  

Please contact us if you have any problems with this by filling in a service form or giving us a call.

Want to know more about spark erosion? Click here! 

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Vibropac Products

Do you want to remove your stuck or broken glowplugs and injectors yourself? You can do so with the Vibropac M40 or one of our injectorpullers! Take a look on our brand new webshop for more information.

In addition, we have various solutions for cleaning and finishing the shaft of the injector or the injector itself. We also have a solution for injectors nozzles that are broken. You can also find all individual parts from our sets in the webshop.

Click on the link below to visit our webshop and see all our products. If you are interested in our products, you can request a free quote.

Also take a look at our webshop!

Vibropac M40 & Accessoiries

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AMT Werkplaats about Vibropac BV

The article "Hoezo Vast?" written by Hans Doornbos from AMT talks about how damage can be prevented when removing glow plugs and injectors with Vibropac.

Some feedback from our customers:







Vibropac has mechanics with years of expertise. I don't even try it myself these days. I save so much time and money by having it done by Vibropac. Will call them next time for sure again when I'm having trouble removing injectors or glowplugs!

In the past I often messed around with stuck injectors and glowplugs, but after my introduction to Vibropac that is a thing of the past! After they demonstrated the capabilities of the machine, I bought a Vibropac M40 myself and I have never regretted it to this day! I can not live without anymore. 

I have been using the Vibropac M40 for about 2 years now and I am still very pleased! I use it these days for much more than just removing injectors and glowplugs. Stuck M6 / M8 bolts or hollow grub bolts for example. Great what this machine can do without any problems

Vibropac Digital Catalogue
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Vibropac has combined all its products in a new digital catalogue. Here you can get a quick overview of the solutions we designed for the removal of injectors and glowplugs. Also several additions and tools are in there which offer a solution for broken injectors, fireplates that are not coming out and injector nozzles that are stuck to name a few. Take a look!

Correspondence address

Vibropac B.V.
PO-box 437

3400 AK IJsselstein

Service & Productionaddress

Edisonweg 11A

3404LA IJsselstein

The Netherlands

Vibropac BV

Chamber of Commerce no: 30227224
VAT no: NL818107765B01

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