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Vibropac BV

Vibropac B.V. is a company specialized in developing, producing and selling specialized disassembly tools for the automotive industry.

Since 2007, we have been developing and testing the best possible ways to remove injectors and glow plugs from diesel engines. We constantly have a large number of tools in development because the automotive industry is also constantely evolving and launching new models with the next generation diesel engines.


Quality is our top priority and since the beginning we have developed products that have enabled customers to remove glow plugs and injectors time and time again without the necessity to take the cylinder head off to remove them. Our tools are first extensively tested before they are available to customers because we strive for a 99.9% success rate for all our products. As a result, it is possible that we already have a solution for your problem, but the product is still a concept and not yet launched on the market. So always contact us if you are not sure if we can solve it yet! Because our team works tirelessly on a solution for  problems that arise.

In addition to selling these tools, we also have a Vibropac serviceteam that comes to your location! If there is something you don't want to mess with yourself because you don't encouter these problems often and have no experience dealing with them or lack the right tools, we can also come to your location! We offer a solution to those who are in need of help and we do this at your location in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany!

Do you have any questions regarding Vibropac, our products or our services? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We will ensure that you too will become a satisfied customer. See you there!

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